Summit Success Plan

Planning a Summit is a big project. Having the framework, roadmap and support team
Makes all the difference between a gargantuous project that leaves you exhausted...
or a Successful Summit that you Enjoy and Make Money!

This workshop is designed to help you:

Complete Your Summit Plan, so you not only can get started right away, you also
Set Up Success
By aligning your summit to support your goals, not distract
Create a Plan that is designed to De Stress... You.
and, ensure you are focused on Building Your List, Your Income and Your Authority
not just doing a bunch of work that doesn't lead anywhere...

We have joined our 35+ years experience in Porject Management and Experiential Hospitality to bring you the simplest, road-tested RoadMap to creating your own Summit.  We have worked with 5 and 6 figure entrepreneurs to host their first, or multiple summits, and helped them know only scale their impact, but also make money out the gate.

Summits are one of the quickest
and simplest ways to build your audience

While other list-building strategies can work, we have seen the power of a summit to quickly build your list AND your influence, while others add a few emails at a time...
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Feedback from customers who have passed your course and achieved tangible results.

Jennie Bellinger | Level Up Cpoaching | CEO
I tried to do a summit on my own, and ended up having to cancel it, because I had too much going on in my business. By working with The Ohana Events Solution Team, I was able to add hundreds of leads, and sold 20 packages, without the stress of trying to do it all myself. It was amazing!

Summit Success Plan

A workshop for busy, visionary entrepreneurs who want to expand their audience, and increase their influence.
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This workshop is for you if...

You're think you're ready to do a summit, or online event and
You just need a simple roadmap to follow
You understand how a summit can help you, but just aren't sure where to start
You want to build your influence, impact and income, but don't know if a summit is the way to go
You want to get Going, and don't like workshops that are purely informational - you are a hands on learner
You enjoy collaboration - speakers, colleagues... doing it together is better than doing it alone

the Summit Success Plan

Provides you with the Six-Step Plan to a successful summit.
Other companies or programs may tell you what to do, but we show you how to do it, and pace you as you build the plan that will be
Successful for You.
Our process focuses deeply on Your Plan, so you don't waste time trying formulas that don't work for you.
With 20+ years experience in project management at your disposal, you won't have to guess about: how long, how much, or what first - it's all laid out for you.
Co-created with multiple summit creators and hosts, this program has been tested in multiple industries and business levels, to ensure success.
Because you are an impact-driven business leader, you will learn how your unique passion can enhance the success of your summit even more...

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Summit Success Plan

Let's Get Going!
Your Summit Success Plan Awaits...
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